Tinies Dance (3-5yrs)

This is a creative dance class designed to give small children the opportunity to dance in a very fun and positive atmosphere. The emphasis of this class is to explore a variety of movement and dance styles while learning to listen and follow instruction.


Hip Hop/Jazz

This is a highly energetic class with new and modern moves set to the latest music. These fun and funky classes consist of a warm-up followed by excercises and routines in many modern styles from Hip-Hop through to traditional Jazz.


Classical Ballet

These classes are structured around the Southern Federation of Dance Syllabis and also include a softer lyrical component. Students are encouraged to develop technique while retaining a sense of enjoyment.



Contemporary and Lyrical dance is a style that blends ballet, modern and jazz dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger.